UHA (Left Sided) with Remote PTT Button

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With Remote Finger Push-To-Talk Button


Exclusive UHA PTT headset adapter converts phones into a 2-way radio

Advanced UHA design has PTT button controls for use with popular headsets from iOS, Android and others

Innovative UHA PTT platform for familiar 2-way interface for phones


Milicom UHA is ideal for users seeking a covert accessory or a cost-effective PTT solution
*For PTT users with in-box phone headsets, UHA enables group communication with powerful PTT team functionality
*For undercover users, the operators can use popular headsets to blend into a crowd

Unique Versatile UHA PTT Platform
*Broadest PTT service provider compatibility
*Greatest mobile phone/device compatibility
*Universally compatible with most 3.5mm mobile phone headsets with a microphone
Ergonomics and Comfort for Full Shift Wearability *UHA solutions accommodate all uniform and covert user configurations
*Users can choose their preferred headset brand or in-box headset from either iOS or Android devices
Completely Customizable Configurations
*1-Wire, 2-Wire UHA configurations to meet your needs
*One or two locations for PTT button access
*Custom configurations available to meet your needs 


Phone and PTT Functions
*Milicom Exclusive UHA PTT Headset Adapter converts phones into a 2-way Radio
*Advanced UHA design has PTT button controls for popular headsets used on iOS and Android devices

Headset Compatibility
*Universally compatible with most 3.5mm mobile phone headsets with a microphone
*Compatible headsets include popular brands from Apple®, Beats®, Skull Candy® Samsung®, Bose® and more

UHA PTT Button Configurations
*Includes Milicom housing PTT button for use on hip or pocket
*Optional remote finger PTT button for 2-wire versatility or covert use

Control Box
*Ruggedized for industrial, commercial or field use
*Push-to-Talk button support (multiple configurations; see above)
*Belt clip

Phone PTT Function
*Milicom designed Smart Housing for phone function and PTT electronics, processing and battery for versatility and performance

Phone PTT Services Compatibility
*AT&T Enhanced PTT, Bell Mobility Service, Motorola WAVE, SLA esChat, Sonim, Verizon Push-to-Talk Plus, NovaTalk by Novatek, Helios, Voxer walkie talkie app, Zello walkie talkie app

Phone/Device Compatibility
*Compatible with most phones/devices using a 3.5mm (or 2.5mm) connector
*Greatest mobile phone/device compatibility across Android, iOS, Sonim, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Samsung Rugby 4 Flip Phone (AT&T)

Battery Type
*User replaceable coin cell (Type: CR 1632)

Battery Life, Power Draw
*6 months of 1 hour PTT talk time/day (varies by usage/environment)

Operating Temperature
*-20°C to +60°C (Electronics & Headset)

Storage Temperature
*-33°C to +71°C

*Mechanically ruggedized and designed to meet IP-67

IP Protection
*Multiple US and foreign patents

Country of Manufacture