Hospitality, Hotel, Casinos

  • Casinos – Employees communicate clearly amidst the clamor of slot machines and coins and the eruption of happy winning guests.
  • Bellhop - Move from noisy environments outside or inside a hotel to communicate clearly with others to effortlessly manage guest luggage.
  • Butler Services/Spa – Communicate discreetly and continually with key Staff to manage a VIP Client’s needs without interruption.
  • Entertainment – Staff communicate clearly to accommodate guests, even during loud events or the din before and after a show.
  • Front Desk – Despite noise from guests and music, Clerk communicates across Bell Hop, Valet, Housekeeping, for seamless support of guests.
  • Housekeeping – Employees communicate clearly and privately with Dispatch.
  • Horticulture/Floral – Employees communicate intelligibly tending to flowers, trees, plants across a hotel property in open noisy areas.
  • Limousine Drivers – To maintain private and constant contact with Dispatch, Drivers maintain clear, intelligible direction and communication.
  • MiniBar – To maintain contact with supply and guest needs throughout noisy areas of a hotel.
  • Restaurant/Buffet – Servers communicate privately and clearly with Restaurant and Bus Station in loud environments.
  • Room Service – Employees communicate clearly and privately with Restaurant and Dispatch.
  • Security – Personnel communicate privately with many team members – no matter the situation.
  • Valet – Communicating in noisy environments outside or inside a hotel, a Valet can easily and quickly manage a guest’s transportation needs.