About Milicom

Milicom - Hear every word where it matters most!

Milicom is a leader in headset technology for mobile devices (phones & tablets) and Two-Way Radio, specializing in innovative solutions for high noise environments. Utilizing a patented In-Ear acoustic microphone to pick up a user’s voice, words are captured clearly in the ear while a comfortable and tight seal on the earpiece passively reduces noise up to an industry high of 33dB. Our headsets are used on site and in the field by Hospitality, Government Agencies, Industrial & Commercial Workers, and in many other verticals where loud noise environments are a challenge for critical communications.

About Our Company

Milicom is the headset division of TAM (Think-A-Move), a Cleveland-based company founded in 2002, focused on mobile communication, control solutions, and advanced speech recognition. Our team works with all of the major phone carriers and providers of communication devices to develop highly compatible products that optimize the usability of mobile devices and Two-Way Radios.