Sonim Smart 2-In-1 In-Ear Mic

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Smart 2-in-1 Technology
1-Wire Call & Push-To-Talk Headset


* Only Milicom offers In-Ear Mic technology for mission-critical clear communications
* Advanced Design Switches to In-Ear Mic when needed
* Dedicated button controls for call Answer/End and PTT
* Innovative PTT Platform for familiar 2-Way Interface on Mobile Devices


Crystal Clear Critical Communication at All Times
* Milicom’s unique patented In-Ear mic and voice capture system SPEAR™, delivers superior voice quality and whisper capability in all weather and noise conditions, including variant noise level situations (i.e. wind and manufacturing floor)
* Superior Noise Isolation ensures clear sound and protects hearing

Unique Versatile Platform for Broadest PTT and Device Support
* Broadest PTT Service Provider Compatibility includes ATT Enhanced PTT, Bell Mobility PTT Service, Sprint Nextel Direct Connect, Zello Walkie Talkie app, Verizon Push-to-Talk Plus, Twisted Pair WAVE & SLA esChat.
* Greatest mobile phone compatibility across Android, iOS, Sonim, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Samsung Rugby 4 Flip Phone.
* Universally compatible across all devices using a 3.5 mm connector.

Ergonomics and Comfort for Full Shift Wearability
* Headset design accommodates all uniform configurations.
* Foam and Silicon Ear Tip styles for best performance in all settings
* Includes variety of ear tip sizes to ensure best fit

Completely Customizable Configurations
* 1-Wire, 2-Wire, dual or single ear headset configurations.
* One, two or three locations of PTT button access.
* Black hardware (custom colors available with minimum order size).

Rugged Construction
* Durable, Kevlar-reinforced cable provides 20 pounds of pull strength.
* Industrial grade design for all commercial uses.


Phone and PTT Functions
* Milicom Exclusive 2-In-1 Versatile Phone Call and PTT Functions in 1 Headset
* Smart Headset support using In-Ear Mic for Phone calls in high noise and windy environments

Superior Voice Quality
Milicom In-Ear Mic Technology for Speech Clarity in High Noise and Wind

Headset Earpiece Support
Dual or Single Ear, includes 3 sizes of foam tips

Passive NRR
31 – 33 dB, ANSI S12.6-2008, Method A

Phone PTT Button Configurations
* In-line Answer/End button also functions as advanced control for Smart In-Ear Mic phone capability
* Includes Milicom Housing PTT Button for use on Hip or Pocket
* Optional Remote Finger PTT Button for 2-wire versatility or covert use

Headset Cable Configurations
* Versatile Headset design accommodates all uniforms across all industries
* Durable, Kevlar-reinforced cable provides 20 pounds of pull strength

Control Box
* Ruggedized for industrial, commercial or field use
* Enhancement of voice quality
* Push-to-Talk button support (multiple configurations; see above)
* Belt clip

Phone PTT Function
Milicom designed Smart Housing for Phone function and PTT electronics, acoustics, analog processing and battery for versatility and performance

Phone PTT Services Compatiblity
AT&T Enhanced PTT, Bell Mobility Service, Sprint Nextel Direct Connect,Twisted Pair WAVE, SLA esChat, Sonim Phones, Windows Phone, Verizon Push-to-Talk Plus, Samsung Rugby 4 Flip Phone (AT&T).

Phone Compatibility
* Compatible with most phones using a 3.5 mm connector
* Greatest mobile phone compatibility across Android, iOS, Sonim, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Samsung Rugby 4 Flip Phone.

Battery type
User replaceable coin cell (Type: CR 1632)

Battery Life, Power Draw
6 months of 1 hour PTT talk time / day (varies by usage/environment)

Operating Temperature
-20°C to +60°C (Electronics & Headset)

Storage Temperature
-33° C to +71° C

Mechanically ruggedized and designed to meet IP-67

Speaker Impedance
* DC Resistance: 25Ω ± 10%
* Impedance @500Hz: 36.5Ω ± 15%
* Impedance @1kHz: 55.5Ω ± 15%

IP Protection
Multiple US and foreign patents

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