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Construction, Field Services

  • General Construction – Ranges from Management, Workers, Contractors, Transportation to construction, industrial, and energy sites in taxing environments which require clear communication to be productive to meet the needs of a client.
  • Management – Despite taxing wind or background noise at a customer site, Management is able to communicate intelligibly directly to other managers or workers or to broadcast clear messages for continuous forward progress of projects.
  • Contractors – Workers communicate clearly with many team members – no matter the environment or conditions of a site.
  • Transportation – Delivery of materials from Cement Trucks, Steel, Lumber, Energy is imperative to the successful completion of a project. Vehicles are loud and must have a noise-robust and handsfree voice delivery mechanism for communicating with dispatch and reception. 

Hear The Difference In This Environment @ 102dB vs. Apple®EarBuds

(Click Play to hear, 0:00-0:17 In-Ear Technology, 0:17-0:36 Apple®EarBuds, be ready to be blown away)