Armed and Special Forces, SWAT

  • Armed and Special Forces – Milicom’s patented in-ear mic technology integrated in the Tactical Headset System delivers superior voice quality and whisper capability in all settings, particularly high noise environments, such as warzones or during discrete tactical operations or raids. The Milicom Headset System offers mission critical Situational Awareness allowing ambient sounds to filter through so an operator is aware of his surroundings.
  • SWAT – Perfect for SWAT Teams rescuing hostages, thwarting terrorist attacks, and performing raids, the Milicom Tactical Headset System with Situational Awareness empowers an operator to clearly communicate and maintain awareness in mission critical operations.

Hear The Difference In This Environment @ 102dB vs. Apple®EarBuds

(Click Play to hear, 0:00-0:17 In-Ear Technology, 0:17-0:36 Apple®EarBuds, be ready to be blown away)